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Strategic Information  Arrangement: Theory and Techniques 
Online CE Course at Simmons  College in May, 2010 
Instructor:  Katherine  Bertolucci 
Fee:  $250 for the four week  online course (Simmons GSLIS Alumni price 
Futurist Ray Kurzweil believes  "order is more profound than information" 
because it "fits a purpose."  Returning to Simmons College in May, “Strategic 
Information Arrangement: Theory  and Techniques” offers an entertaining 
look at profound order and the  arrangement strategies you need to display 
information, whether in taxonomy,  classification, or structured lists.  
Understanding these strategies helps  you build ordered arrangements that persuade 
users. Lack of understanding can  inadvertently send users in the opposite 
Katherine's client Snoopy is on  hand to explain some of the concepts.  
Nevada’s Burning Man art festival  and the Rolling Stones also appear.  For 
Memorial Day, we review the  Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Memorial to the 
Missing of the Somme from  World War I, each with similar information and 
goals, yet requiring different  name arrangement strategies to meet those 
The course includes an optional  arrangement assignment to be critiqued by 
Katherine, the only organizational  expert focusing on persuasive strategies 
for information arrangement. 
Instructor: Katherine  Bertolucci is an information management consultant 
and owner of Isis Information  Services in Phoenix, AZ 
(_http://www.isisinform.com_ (http://www.isisinform.com/) ).  She specializes in the development 
and  arrangement of subject-based classifications, taxonomies, and other 
formats for  persuasive information presentation.  A pioneer in non-traditional 
classification, clients include poets and  transnational corporations such 
as Procter & Gamble and Thomson  Financial.  Known for her work with  Snoopy, 
Katherine's programs are entertaining and informative.  She is former Chair 
of the Special  Libraries Association’s Library Management Division and 
Information Futurists  Caucus.  Katherine’s essays on  information arrangement 
appear on IsisInBlog (_http://www.isisinblog.typepad.com_ 
(http://www.isisinblog.typepad.com/) ).  Recent print publications include “The  Future Still 
Awaits Us: Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity on Wall Street”  (Searcher, 
July-August, 2009) and  "Beyond Findability: Organizing Information in the Age of the 
Miscellaneous"  (Searcher, February, 2009).  Contact her at 
_katherine at isisinform.com_ (mailto:katherine at isisinform.com)  
Katherine  Bertolucci
Isis Information Services
Phoenix, AZ 85001 
_katherine at isisinform.com_ (mailto:katherine at isisinform.com)  

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