[Web4lib] Call for Participation : ALA Annual at D.C. - What is Your Library Doing about Emerging Technologies?

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*CFP : ALA Annual at D.C. - What is Your Library Doing about Emerging
Technologies? *

Submission link:

Submission deadline: April, 1, 2010

Do you directly work with emerging technologies at your library? Did you
play a role in creating a librarian position for emerging technologies? Do
you supervise a librarian who work with emerging technologies or have
expertise in emerging technologies yourself? You don't have to hold the job
title of "Emerging Technologies Librarian" to participate.  If you answer
yes to any of these questions, then we want to hear from you.

Despite the popularity of the term, there is no clear definition or shared
understanding about what "emerging technologies" mean to libraries and
librarians.  Almost all libraries strive to stay current with quickly
changing technologies. But not all libraries have established a formal
method and procedure of supporting, evaluating, implementing, and adopting
emerging technologies.

ALA LITA Emerging Technologies Interests Group (ETIG) is seeking
participants to a panel discussion - "What are your libraries doing about
emerging technologies" at ALA Annual 2010 at Washington D.C. We are
particularly interested in identifying librarians, library administrators,
and technology experts who can contribute to the following (but not limited)

*    What do we mean when we say "emerging technologies"?

*    What motivates libraries and administrators to create a new position
for "emerging technologies"?

*    What are the daily tasks performed or projects achieved by (emerging)
technology librarians at your libraries?

*    What are the challenges for emerging technologies for libraries? (From
both a manager's, a librarian's, or a technologist's perspective)

*    How do you evaluate, implement and adopt emerging technologies?

*    What should libraries be doing about emerging technologies?

*    Other thoughts about libraries and emerging technologies

If you are interested, please submit your proposal by filling out this form:

If you have any questions, please contact Bohyun Kim (bohyun.kim at fiu.edu),
ETIG member, or Jacquelyn Erdman (ERDMANJ at ecu.edu), ETIG vice chair.

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