[Web4lib] A wiki for all things digital collection

Ingrid Schneider ingschne at nmsu.edu
Thu Mar 4 10:49:18 EST 2010

Apologies for cross-posting.

I have an idea that I've been tossing around for a while, and I'd like 
to ask your opinion on it and gauge possible interest.

As a new metadata librarian working on building a digital program from 
the ground up, I've spent a lot of time searching for little bits of 
information. Information on different metadata schemes, what software is 
available for what purpose, functions of the software we currently have 
that might help us on our way, exporting and importing data, etc., etc., 

The idea I had was to start a wiki where all the myriad knowledge and 
information on metadata, digital collections, digital objects, IRs, etc. 
can be gathered. I envision gathering such information as:
*Different metadata schemes: maybe summaries, intended uses, pros and 
cons, idiosyncrasies, etc.
*Different software options: coverage of software being used in our 
institutions; again with pros and cons, idiosyncracies, workarounds, etc.
*Processes: how exactly do you export from FileMaker Pro (for example)? 
Or build a tab delimited file for importing? How does the tab delimited 
file link to the digital objects?
*Resources: Information on relevant blogs, mailing lists, associations, 
interest groups, etc.
*Information from mailing lists: Answers to questions that come up 
frequently, topics that generate special interest among the 
participants, topics that may be of interest to people outside of the list.

Of course, I'm still learning much of this, so I'd have to ask for 
community participation. If enough people seem interested in having the 
resource available and/or contributing I'll go ahead and move forward 
with it. Feel free to email me off list, and thank you for reading my email!

Ingrid Schneider
Ingrid Schneider, M.L.S.
Metadata & Authority Control Librarian
New Mexico State University Library
PO Box 30006 / MSC 3475
Las Cruces, NM 88003
Phone: 575-646-4707

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