[Web4lib] Cites & Insights 10:8 - just in time for ALA

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 10:31:23 EDT 2010

Available now: *Cites & Insights* 10:8, July
This 40-page issue (PDF as usual, with most but not all the sections
available as HTML separates) has a variety of features to keep you
entertained or informed on your long flights to & from ALA--and it's well
worth reading even if you're not attending (or live near the District of

What's here:
The CD-ROM Project <http://citesandinsights.info/v10i8a.htm>...pp. 1-4

The start of a "digital medium archaeology project"--taking a few dozen of
the best title CD-ROMs (that is, CD-ROMs that are extended books and
multimedia carriers, not just software) from 1994-2000 and seeing whether
they'll work on a contemporary Windows 7 system, whether they still have
much to offer, whether they're still available (as is or updated) and, if
not, what we've lost--and what's readily available on the web that appears
roughly equivalent. For starters, we have two astronomical CDs and two
art-related CDs...

The Zeitgeist: One Facebook to Rule Them

A range of commentaries on the December 2009 and April 2010 Facebook privacy
changes, including some pre-December items and a few notes on the current
situation. Commentaries include some by librarians and a wide range by
others--including a group of first-rate commentaries by danah boyd and
a *ReadWriteWeb
*piece that gets my coveted middle-finger salute for asininity in the
service of (almost certainly false) gengen.

Interesting & Peculiar Products <http://citesandinsights.info/v10i8c.htm>...pp.

Ten products (or product commentaries) and five group reviews--but some of
the product notes are more essay than description, including a non-elegy for
OQO and "Catching up with the OLPC XO."

Offtopic Perspective: Mystery Collection Part

The second of ten segments of this massive 250-movie set, including
three *great
*flicks, three near-classics and another dozen worthwhile films. You get
cheating wives, crooked electronics geniuses, a blind detective, a sexy
ghost...and that's just in the first two of six discs.

My Back Pages...pp. 35-40

As always, this chunk'o'snark is a bonus for "print readers"--those who
download the whole PDF. Ten items, only half of them audio-related.

This is the final issue sponsored by the Library Society of the World. Now
the uncertainty begins...

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