[Web4lib] 233 Million Chinese Use Mobile Phones To Access The Internet

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I. Endeavors to Spur the Development and Application of the Internet


The construction and improvement of the Internet infrastructure has beefed
up the spread and application of the Internet. By the end of 2009 the number
of Chinese netizens had reached 384 million, 618 times that of 1997 and an
annual increase of 31.95 million users. In addition, the Internet had
reached 28.9% of the total population, higher than the world average. At the
same time, there were 3.23 million websites running in China, which was
2,152 times that of 1997. The number of IPv4 addresses approached 230
million, making China the second-largest owner in the world. Of all the
netizens, 346 million used broadband and 233 million used mobile phones to
access the Internet. They had moved on from dialing the access numbers to
broadband and mobile phones. These statistics make China among the top of
the developing countries in developing and popularizing the Internet.


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"In December 2008, the Pew Internet & American Life Project released The
Future of the Internet III, the third in a series of surveys of Internet
leaders, activists and analysts that elicited their views on emerging Net
and Web developments. In this most recent review, an overwhelming majority
of experts predicted that by 2020 the mobile device will become the primary
connection tool to the Internet for most individuals worldwide.", You
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