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(Please excuse cross-postings)

One of my coworkers was awarded a grant and is required to organize a small
library at a local Youth Intervention Center.  Here's what she is asking...

"As part of the grant we’re receiving from United Way, we’ve agreed to
organize the YIC library.  We were hoping to create documentation of
everything the YIC owns.  Rather than enter this into a spreadsheet on our
own, we were wondering what kind of free library software is out there…  I
have heard of some for MAC that are not free, like Monster Delicious – where
you use the iSight to scan ISBN and it loads all the information (title,
author, publication, etc.) into a program that looks much like iTunes.  Do
you know of anything free for a PC that we could do something similar, but
with a normal scanner like we use for checking out library books?  Like
perhaps we could scan ISBN’s and it would bring up all the information into
a program?  We would use this information to make quality book purchases for
the future – by seeing what topics we need more of and so on…"

I did some research on Library Thing but don't see a way to scan the books
in which would save a lot of time.  Does anyone know of any free or low cost
way to do such a thing?

Thanks for your time!

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