[Web4lib] Managing bandwidth - bandwidth shaping

Robert L. Williams rwilliams at stls.lib.tx.us
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Derrick, Lin, and All:


Don't mind at all. August is going to be crazy busy for me, so feel free to
help me remember. I'll try to get a link to the documentation posted back to
the List by the end of August. If you haven't heard by then, feel free to
send me a tickler.




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I think that documentation would be quite interesting.  Would you mind
sharing it with others, as well?


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I'm putting together a workshop on using open source software to assist
small libraries in managing bandwidth. The content will features hands-on
activities configuring either pfSense, SmoothWall Express, or IPCop (leaning
toward pfSense at the moment, but that is subject to change). Using Squid's
delay pools feature to throttle bandwidth by file extension (.flv, among
other audio/video types) for video streams delivered over HTTP will be one
activity. If you're interested, I can send a copy of the documentation when
it's complete (last half of August). Or, if you have an old system to play
with, I highly recommend downloading the ISO file for one of the three and
giving it spin--the web management interface makes configuration much more
approachable than the older *nix-based firewall/gateway software used to be.


Robert L. Williams
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Has anyone had a success using a device for managing bandwidth or "bandwidth
shaping" for public PCs especially manage video viewing?

Thanks, Ed

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