[Web4lib] Self-service printing

Francis Kayiwa kayiwa at uic.edu
Mon Jul 26 10:55:40 EDT 2010

On 7/23/10 7:43 PM, Gerry O. Laroza wrote:
> Hi,
> We would like to implement the self-service printing at the library. Any
> suggestions on how did you do it are very much appreciated. Please
> suggest also the equipment and programs (software) you used to
> accomplish this project.
> Thank you very much,

What are your expectations here? How many print jobs do you average? 
While I agree with most of the other posters on Pharos as a solution, it 
may be overkill depending on what your answers above are. It is neither 
cheap to implement or more importantly maintain. As an anecdotal example 
we were recently told that two Quad Cores were simply not enough power. 
While our situation wasn't typical it involved lots of man hours to get 
to the fix.

Some of it's advantages are is really is enterprise ready and binds to 
OpenLDAP, AD etc., with little work on your part.

That said I would recommend the company that came second when we were 
considering to be able to meet most organizations needs.

Check out papercut.com


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