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Mendeley is a combination of a desktop application and a website which helps you manage, share and discover both content and contacts in research.
Our software, Mendeley Desktop, offers you:
•Automatic extraction of document details (authors, title, journal etc.) from academic papers into a library database, which saves you a lot of manual typing! As more people use Mendeley, the quality of the data extraction improves.
•Super-efficient management of your papers: "Live" full-text search across all your papers – the results start to appear as you type! Mendeley Desktop also lets you filter your library by authors, journals or keywords. You can also use document collections, notes and tags to organize your knowledge, and export the document details in different citation styles.
•Sharing and synchronisation of your library (or parts of it) with selected colleagues. This is perfect for jointly managing all the papers in your lab!
•More great features: A plug-in for citing your articles in Microsoft Word, OCR (image-to-text conversion, so you can full-text search all your scanned PDFs) and lots more new features being worked upon.
Now >>> Mendeley library.  Now you can have all of your papers in your pocket! <<<
Mendeley is academic software that indexes and organizes all of your PDF documents and research papers into your own personal digital library.  It gathers document details from your PDFs allowing you to effortlessly search, organize and cite.  It also looks up PubMed, CrossRef, DOIs and other related document details automatically, importing papers quickly and easily from resources such as Google Scholar, ACM, IEEE and many more at the click of a button.
Mendeley (Lite) for iPhone syncs seamlessly with your Mendeley research collection.  This means that you can now carry your personal digital library with you wherever you go.  The iPhone app keeps your documents organized in just the same way as your online collection, with easy access to all your collections, recently added items and favorites.  Combined with search over titles and abstracts you can get to the paper you need quickly.
If there is a paper you want to check out later,  you can download it over wifi straight to your iPhone from your online library.  It will remain available to read offline at any time, making it easy for you to read what you want, when you want.
If there is a paper that you just need to let your colleagues know about right now, you can share the citation to that paper from within the app via email.  No more copying and pasting citations, it all gets taken care of at the touch of a button.
Mendeley (Lite) for iPhone also syncs shared collections.  Shared collections take the pain out of creating a bibliography with collaborators.  As soon as you sync your iPhone collection you will see any new documents that your collaborators have added to your shared collections!
To use the Mendeley (Lite) for iPhone you need to have an account with Mendeley Web (mendeley.com), and you need to add to your library either through Mendeley Web or via Mendeley Desktop.
To start using Mendeley (Lite) for iPhone, once you load the app you can login with your Mendeley account details.  You can sync your library at any time by activating the sync button on the bottom left hand side of the app.
Thanks To Antonella De Robbio For Fb Sharing 
Link To Source And iPhone Store Available From
[ http://bit.ly/9b1xpw  ]
BTW > Happy Birthday Marshall McLuhan !
Many have heard/read the first part of his famous quote; but IMHO few know the second > 
"The Medium Is The Message ... The Audience Is The Content" 
See video link at 
Can We Say Web 2.0 Or What !!  [:->]
BTW: The associated PPT was given at _Science in the 21st Century: Science, Society, and Information Technology_ The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Waterloo, Canada, in September 2008, where I had an opportunity meet Victor Henning, the co-founder and CEO of Mendeley / IMHO A Most Brillant Mind (and Great Person) !!! .
EnJoY !
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