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On This Independence Day > Open Your Minds And Get A Clue ...


Seriously > I Believe That I Am A Victim Of "Temporal Orientation
Discrimination" >>>

MindTime > Past / Present / Future

[ http://bit.ly/b6UdDE ]

I Live In The 21st Century and (Many Of) My Local (And Non-Local) Colleagues
Don't [:-(] >>>

I Am Greatly Interested In Any/All Cites/Sites/Cases Relevant To "Temporal
Orientation Discrimination" > As Well As Your Reactions / Thoughts /
WorldView(s) / Etc. >>>

Please Post As A Comment So That We Who Live In The 21st Century Can Benefit
At >>>

[ http://bit.ly/d9uMdW ]

Thanks !!!

BTW-1: Some Of My Best Friends Are Luddites [:-)]

BTW-2: The Chair of The ISU Library Web 2.0 Committee IMHO Was A Luddite >
And You Know What ... [Fill-In-The Blanks] / Sad [:-(] / As They Say In Da
Bronx > WTF !!!


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