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I hear your point. But does not your example demonstrate that you have not
searched for something my library offers on the web rather than it is not
marketed? It would seem high traffic from search engines in our web data
would counter your example.

I would not expect results to come up from every library for every search I

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On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 6:43 PM, Robert L. Balliot <
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> Here is an example -
> Although I am aware of Case Western Reserve, but in over 20 years of
> conducting searches I have never seen a search that resulted in any library
> collection or even a web page from Case Western featured in the results.
> Not Google, Not Yahoo, Not Bing.  And, although you may have a wonderful
> library system - there is relatively no knowledge of it outside of your
> walls and alumni.
> There are a few libraries organizing information and collections that do
> become search results - Cornell and their law collections are a great
> example of that.
> There are a few libraries systems that are expected to yield results since
> they have branded themselves as such. So, people will search their
> collections with the expectation of finding results - such as the Baker
> Library at Harvard.  But, my point remains Libraries have not marketed
> themselves - although they start with a huge advantage over non-commercial
> entities with legitimate content and expert information.
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