[Web4lib] delicious as site depository & getting stats

Hirst, Edward Alan, Jr EAH0116 at ecu.edu
Wed Jan 27 05:11:59 EST 2010

Hi Tracey,

Why don't you try using FeedBurner to grab the RSS feed for your link resources, direct people to the page Feedburner creates
then you can track clicks using their service'


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Hi all,

This sounds like there should be an easy answer, but I've searched
delicious help and all the other tools that they link to and nothing
seems to fit what I'm looking for.  Maybe I'm missing something, or
maybe I'm just smokin' crack and it can't be done. Regardless, I'm now
turning to the collective brain of web4lib (where I generally lurk but
gain immeasurable knowledge by doing so).

What I need to do is collect stats for how many times our delicious
bookmarks are accessed.  I don't need a tag breakdown; I'm just looking
for how often people are going to anything under the
http://delicious.com/clearwaterlib umbrella.  I know that we're not the
only library using delicious as their internet resources depository and
was wondering if someone had come up with a way to access that info.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Tracey Reed
Computer Services/ Answer Line Librarian
Clearwater Public Library System
tracey.reed at myclearwater.com
727.562.4970 x5036
text cpls:  66746 keyword: cpls
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