[Web4lib] Local Book iPhone application

David Friggens friggens at waikato.ac.nz
Sat Jan 9 01:39:17 EST 2010

> I'm curious are there statistics that back up either of these claims

Yes, though none of them are completely precise (i.e. they're figures for users of a particular toolbar etc, rather than data collected directly from sites' webserver logs).

> > more people use Wikipedia than Britannica

I felt confident enough in this that I didn't bother checking it first, but I see that librarian Dave Pattern (University of Huddersfield) made some comments on this about a year ago: 
Alexa currently ranks Wikipedia as the 6th most popular website globally, and Britannica as 2,607th.

> > more people use LibraryThing than WorldCat.

I was aware of this from Tim Spalding's talk that I went to recently, where he brandished graphs showing the relative traffic of the two sites. Of course they're not as comparable in functionality as the two encyclopedias, so comparing the number of visitors isn't necessarily quite as meaningful.
Alexa currently ranks LibraryThing as 4,735 and WorldCat as 8,167.


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