[Web4lib] that old verbiage argument

Tracey.Reed at myClearwater.com Tracey.Reed at myClearwater.com
Thu Dec 16 14:18:55 EST 2010

Hi all,

Well, I'm working on a redesign of our web site (within confines defined
by our City, so I'm not free to do some of the things I want to
do...sigh...but that's another email).

But one of the things I'm looking at is the perennial problem of
verbiage for the resources we all have on our site.  Our databases.  Our
internet links. Our local history collections.  Etc. etc etc...  Right
now, they're all lumped under liberry-eze "Reference".  
I love what SJPL has done (www.sjpl.org just to pimp them out) and
created a "Research" category, but I'm not sure that fits our public
(and while I may have time down the road to do focus groups, etc, it's
not gonna happen now...again with the sighs...) For what it's worth, I
also totally love their "Books and Media" instead of catalog (and while
it links to more than the catalog on their site, it totally rocks).

So here I am staring at my paperwork and just wondering if anyone has
had a brainstorm and come up with something better for a public library
than "Reference" while I'm sitting here putting together my plan and
what I want to do within what I'm given.

Thanks all!

Tracey Reed 
Virtual Services Librarian
Clearwater Public Library System 
tracey.reed at myclearwater.com 
727.562.4970 x5036 
text cpls: 66746 keyword: cpls

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