[Web4lib] CSS3 selector question - nth-child(even)

Andrew Hankinson andrew.hankinson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 00:12:23 EST 2010

Oh, sorry - my mistake. I completely skipped the link!

I had a look at this, and I don't think there's a way to do this with just CSS. The nth operators seem to only operate on the element level, not on the class level.

On 2010-12-01, at 10:05 AM, Thomas Dowling wrote:

> Greetings--
> Attempting to do my six impossible things before breakfast, I ran up
> against a CSS3 problem.  Or more likely, a dissonance between how I think
> things should work and reality.
> (More concise and less rambling example of the problem below at
> <http://www.ohiolink.edu/~tdowling/even-test.html>).
> I'm trying to display alternate entries in a list with a colored
> background using the CSS3 'foo.bar:nth-child(even)' selector.  My
> expectation was that, whatever else the page had, alternate occurrences of
> '<foo class="bar">' would have the background.
> Instead, I get the background on even-numbered <foo>'s *if* they happen to
> be 'class="bar"'.  That's a very different thing if you have to work
> around markup that may throw in other kinds of <foo>'s.
> Am I simply trying to do something that can't be done?  FWIW, the
> underlying HTML markup is generated by a third-party app and I can't
> control the page in question.
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