[Web4lib] Firefox/CSS printing problem

Stacy Pober stacy.pober at manhattan.edu
Sun Nov 8 16:48:36 EST 2009

I have some pages that don't print properly from Firefox.  The pages
have been validated and are fine for XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS
level 2.1.  I have no @print directives in the css for the page.

There are two main problems when you print these pages in Firefox.
One is that  a page break is inserted after every <h3> </h3> section.
The other is that the print version of unordered lists are truncated.
Only the first page of list items prints out per <ul> list.

The problem occurs in both print preview and the actual printout and
it makes no difference whether you print to an actual printer or
choose a virtual printer such as as a PDF writer.

The problem occurs on every computer with Firefox that I've tested so
far, including versions 3.0.15, 3.5.3, and  3.5.5.

The pages display onscreen as expected.

One of the problem pages is:

and the CSS is here:

The page prints out correctly in IE.

Can anyone here tell me what is causing this problem?

Stacy Pober
Information Alchemist
Manhattan College Library
Riverdale, NY 10471
stacy.pober at manhattan.edu

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