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One Small Step For B&N, One Giant Leap For Mobile e-Books !!! [:-)




NYTimes / Internet / July 21, 2009 / Chain Plans An Extensive
E-Bookstore / By MOTOKO RICH




In an announcement on Monday, Barnes & Noble said that it would offer
more than 700,000 books that could be read on a wide range of devices,
including Apple's iPhone, the BlackBerry and various laptop or desktop
computers. [snip]


More than 500,000 of the books now offered electronically on BN.com can
be downloaded free, through an agreement with Google to provide
electronic versions of public domain books that Google has scanned from
university libraries. [snip]


Barnes & Noble is promoting its e-bookstore as the world's largest, an
implicit stab at Amazon.com, which offers about 330,000 for its Kindle
device. Currently, Google's public domain books cannot be read on a




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