[Web4lib] Content DM on 64 bit Ubuntu

Cloutman, David DCloutman at co.marin.ca.us
Tue Jul 21 12:37:59 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

I realize there is a Content DM list out there, but I thought I'd cover
my bases an put this question to the list.

Is there anyone out there who is running Content DM on either 
	1) Any 64 bit version of Linux
	2) Ubuntu
	3) 64 bit Ubuntu

If so, please email me. I'm stuck on an installation issue regarding the
precompiled binaries that run the Content DM services. OCLC seems unable
to grok my problem, or offer me any satisfactory solution. Any help that
you could provide would be most appreciated.


- David

David Cloutman <dcloutman at co.marin.ca.us>
Electronic Services Librarian
Marin County Free Library 

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