[Web4lib] Cites & Insights 9:4 (March 2009) available

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 20:23:20 EST 2009

<a href="http://citesandinsights.info/civ9i4.pdf"><em>Cites &amp;
Insights</em> 9:4 (March 2009)</a> is now available.

The 30-page issue (PDF as usual, but there's an HTML version of the essay)
consists of one essay:

<h3><a href="http://v9i4a.htm">Perspective: The Google Books Search

<blockquote>As an author with nine out of print books (to which I hold the
rights): <strong>Great!</strong> I might see a couple hundred
dollars...eventually. As one who cares about fair use: <strong>Boo!</strong>
Google backed away from a case I thought they could win--and did so in a way
that will make it harder for others in a similar situation. As a reader:
<strong>Great</strong>--Google Books Search will continue to grow, and we'll
see more than snippess from (some? most?) of five million
out-of-print/in-copyright books. (As for "buying" such books, or rather,
"permanent" online access to indifferently-scanned pages that can't be
downloaded as PDFs and don't appear to have first-sale rights: Eh.) As a
library supporter and user: <strong>Unclear</strong>--extremely unclear.

We won't have final answers for a long time. Meanwhile, this issue reviews
some of the summaries and commentaries, throwing in a fair amount of my own

Barring truly unusual events, the April issue will have more than one essay,
and almost certainly more than two.

One note: While there is an HTML version of the essay, please <em>don't</em>
print out that version. It will require 38 pages (or more), and it's almost
certainly not as readable as the <a href="
http://citesandinsights.info/civ9i4.pdf">30-page PDF</a>. I'm providing it
for online viewing, downloading, cut &amp; paste, whatever...but printing it
would just be wasting paper.

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