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The problem(s) associated with attempts to access the JISC ADAT files
has/have been corrected

[Darn That Web OutLook ... [:-(]


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An Impressive  / Useful Service/Site !!!




The JISC Academic Database Assessment Tool (ADAT) aims to help libraries
to make informed decisions about future subscriptions to bibliographic


The site provides access to detailed information and title lists for
major bibliographic and full text databases, and key service information
for database and eBook content platforms.


>>>Compare Journal Title Lists

Search to compare title lists of major bibliographic and full text


>>>View Database Dashboards

View visual dashboards showing charts and stats for each database. 


>>>Database Title List Updates

Review dates that title lists in ADAT were last updated by suppliers. 


>>Compare Database Platforms

Generate tables comparing the key features of database platforms. 


>>>Compare eBook Platforms

Compare and contrast the core functionality of eBook platforms. 


>>>Sign Up for Alerts

Receive email alerts notifying you when suppliers update listings. 


Links To Embedded Pages Available From 


[ http://tinyurl.com/mwgvv9  ]






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