[Web4lib] Joomla Module Question

Lisa A Ennis lennis at uab.edu
Thu Aug 6 14:00:14 EDT 2009

Please forgive cross posting...

Hey all,

If anyone knows of a module that will do the following or has any advice it would be most appreciated.

The university is implementing Joomla and we have some database driven pages that allow for our authors to add multiple categories to an item. So for instance, if we added PubMed to the Databases and Resources page the librarian adding PubMed could check medicine, nursing, full text, etc so then a user could go to a drop down menu and choose a category to see what Databases and Resources are under a specific category. Basically, it means a resource can show up under multiple categories. To see it in action go here http://www.uab.edu/lister/tools/. I can't find any module that does anything like this.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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