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Don't be afraid to ask your FOL newsletter editor to feature online
resources in their next installment. A catchy title like "Library has
thousands of journals for you to read online -- FREE!" or some such
shameless plug (since most FOL newsletters end up in the trash before
anyone gets to page two).

Local, used book stores should also be willing to distribute
bookmarks, book bags, and other schwag offered by the FOL, which can
include the library's URL to online resources or some other pitch (as
you know, most used book stores rely on the FOL book sales for much of
their inventory).

To be sure, I wouldn't call all this "marketing". It's merchandising
and advertising. You know, for example, that not one person in a
thousand has "candy bars" on their grocery list, but somehow millions
fly off the shelf every day. That's because everyone who walks into a
grocery store is going to have to drift by the candy bar shelf at some

Think about where you users live every day (_that's_ marketing) and
position your content (or links to said same) in places where they
can't help but be noticed and easy to reach.

-jk [former FOL director and online resource evangelist]

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 11:52 AM, Grant, Sharon
<Sharon.Grant at ci.corvallis.or.us> wrote:
>> Midsized public library looking for a better way to market our
>> databases.
>> http://www.thebestlibrary.net
>> Currently, we do a rotating "spotlight" of a certain database on our
>> homepage, and feature databases in our bi-monthly print newsletter and
>> the annual letter we send out to schools.  We attend local community
>> fairs and have presented a few workshops.  We also have gotten some
>> bookmarks and other promotional materials from vendors that we display
>> in the library.  In addition our Catalog Librarian has cataloged our
>> databases and these now display in our OPAC.
>> We feel that our usage, especially considering the cost is not what we
>> would like it to be.  We are wondering if any public libraries have
>> developed a database marketing plan that could be shared with us.
>> Also, any ideas you tried that worked (or didn't) would also be most
>> appreciated.
>> Please feel free to either reply on or off list.
>> Sharon Grant
>> Adult Services Reference Librarian
>> Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
>> Corvallis, OR   97330
>> sharon.grant at ci.corvallis.or.us
>> P.S. For those subscribed to Web4Lib and PubLib, please excuse the
>> cross posting.
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