[Web4lib] Multiple Languages for IE7

Andrew amutch at waterford.lib.mi.us
Tue Sep 23 14:10:44 EDT 2008


That method isn't going to work in the public library environment where 
the browser and OS is locked down against such updates. I know that on 
our public computers (Group Policy and Public Web Browser running over 
IE 7), you don't get prompted for these updates.

Andrew Mutch
Library Systems Technician
Waterford Township Public Library
Waterford, MI

Bob Rasmussen wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Thomas Edelblute wrote:
>> I received a request to have the Chinese and Japanese language character
>> sets installed on all the Internet computers (I am managing 500 devices
>> across seven locations through the City).  So far I have not found any
>> plug ins on the Microsoft web site to make this happen.  I am assuming
>> there has to be something since Microsoft is an International company,
>> but where?  Has anybody used an MSI file to push out something like
>> this?  Does anybody on this group even support such a thing?
> Are you sure you need to do anything?
> My understanding is that all that is generally missing is the fonts. But 
> IE, at least, will download a font file if it is needed.
> Way back in 2003 I developed a little web page, here:
>    http://www.anzio.com/~ras/testcharsets.htm
> This has four frames in it, each with a different HTM file in it; one in 
> Japanese, one in Korean, one in Big5 Chinese and one in GB Chinese. If you 
> point a browser to this page, it should ask you if you want to install the 
> needed fonts. Say yes, and off it goes.
> Please report your results.
> Regards,
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