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McKiernan, Gerard [LIB] gerrymck at iastate.edu
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A Most Interesting Friday Discovery -  Inmagic(r) Presto: A Social
Knowledge Management




Inmagic(r) Presto is a social knowledge management platform designed to
improve productivity and effectiveness within information-dependent
communities by leveraging their information and human assets.

Inmagic(r) Presto represents a fundamentally new approach to information
and knowledge management by tightly integrating, into a single
environment, a knowledge repository, information search, access and
discovery tools and the "wisdom of the community." Presto's unique
approach yields an ideal application platform for integrating "topdown"
vetted information with "bottom-up" social knowledge to address an
organization's most critical initiatives that span functional groups.


For A Full Except and Links To Related Info (Brochure, White Paper,
Webinar, Etc.), Please Visit The _Friends_ Blog Posting At


[ http://tinyurl.com/4qfb4l ]


***BTW: I'd appreciate learning of Any / All Other Social Knowledge
Management Services/Systems***




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