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Bill Drew dreww at tc3.edu
Wed Sep 10 17:01:07 EDT 2008

I just tried bringing up the meebo.com website and it does not load at
all.  It looks like it is offline right now.

Bill Drew

>>> "Chad F. Boeninger" <boeninge at ohio.edu> 9/10/2008 4:52 PM >>>
I've been using the Digsby widget and client for three months on my 
wiki, blog, and other contact pages.  It's nice in that the widget 
support is built into the digsby client.  With the meebo widget, I was

running Pidgin with the Meebome plugin so that I could access AIM, 
Yahoo, GTalk, and MeeboMe all through one interface, pidgin.  I 
personally prefer a desktop multi-protocol client to Meebo, as I find 
the desktop clients to be a bit faster.

I mainly switched to digsby to try something new, and I've been
  Occasionally  pidgin would crash, which was likely the result of 
connection issues with the meebome widget.  This generally was not a 
problem, but on occasion pidgin can get caught in a crash loop.  In the

3 months that I have used it, digsby appears to be more stable.   Also,

digsby allows for connecting to Facebook, Twitter, and email all within

a single interface.   Digsby offers a lot of features, and the only 
complaint I have right now is that the client can take up quite a bit
memory.  The digsby developers claim that the next release should 
resolve the problems with memory leaks.

I've also looked at the libraryh3lp product and I like what I see. 
got a lot of features which would be quite nice to have, such as the 
ability to transfer between operators.  This has wonderful potential
larger libraries and consortia who wish to monitor a chat service with

multiple operators.  For our general IM reference service, we have used

the meebome widget for two years, and my colleagues continue to be
with the service. I also have colleagues who monitor their personal 
meebo widgets, and they seem to be pleased with how its working. 
However, as I type this, we can't log into meebo, which does make other

services tempting to try.

Hope this helps,

Tom Keays wrote:
> Another Meebo-like widget service is Digsby. Several libraries use
> I don't know how it compares to Meebo other than the similarity of
> appearance.
> http://widget.digsby.com/ 
> Tom
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