[Web4lib] Libr* blogs I'm not aware of: Quick turnaround

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 13:40:15 EDT 2008

Publib and Web4lib folks--it strikes me that you should also get the chance
to respond to this.

I'm finishing up phase one of "The Liblog Landscape, 2007-2008," a broad
study of library-related (but not library) blogs that will probably result
in a book. Phase one: Identifying the blogs to be included in the study.

So far, I have 587 blogs, using a relatively simple set of criteria. Late
last week, I posted an item inviting additional blogs. You'll find the item

Please read the post (and check the list of blogs already in the study--it's
alphabetical) before sending in new possibilities. The deadline is midnight,
Friday, September 12; I need to move on to the second phase. (I know the
study isn't going to be "complete," whatever that means, but it should be
broadly representative.)

The post also notes what will and, maybe more important, won't be said about
individual liblogs within the book. I hate to disappoint anyone, but you
won't find either a snarky list of liblogs I disdain--or gushing praise for
my favorite liblogs... Sorry about that.

walt crawford

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