[Web4lib] On "digital natives", "digital immigrants", technology, and education

B.G. Sloan bgsloan2 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 12:56:59 EDT 2008

An interesting two-part piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The essay touches on "digital natives", "digital immigrants", technology, and higher education.

On Stupidity, Part 1:

On Stupidity, Part 2, Exactly how should we teach the 'digital natives'?

>From the conclusion:

"If digital technologies are a cause of 'stupidity,' it is because we have spent freely on computers — among other things — without also giving comparable support to college teachers. The students have been left to negotiate a cultural paradigm shift, comparable to the print and industrial revolutions, with inadequate support from the institutions created to help them. And that strikes me as unambiguously stupid."

Bernie Sloan
Sora Associates
Bloomington, IN


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