[Web4lib] Summary re Anti-Virus freeware

Margaret Gross margaretgross99 at yahoo.ca
Mon Sep 8 16:29:20 EDT 2008

Dear colleagues
thank you one and all for the quick response on recommended anti-virus freeware.
Here is the summary
AVG http://free.avg.com    5 pro  1 against
AVAST http://www.avast.com   4 pro
CLAMAV  http:// www.clamav.net  2 pro

there were a couple of others, one for purchase only, and another for UNIX.
I have downloaded both AVG and AVAST. I have installed AVAST, and so far am impressed with the way it works.

Again thanks to all, I have been introduced to products I had never heard of, and am very satisfied with the result.

Margaret Gross, MLS,  Bibl. prof.  
Librarian and Information Analyst
  Bibliothécaire et Conseillère en information

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