[Web4lib] Libraries and Open Everything or Free Culture

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Libraries in this country have a long history of offering open and free access to cultural and information resources. For a long time libraries were the only game in town when it came to offering access to such resources.
I think it's important to recognize libraries' historical leadership role in this area so, yes libraries should be a separate target for your event.
Bernie Sloan
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I've have a very vague question. In Madison, WI we are just starting
to plan two (2) Open Everything events [ see:
http://www.openeverything.net/ or http://freeculture.org/ ]. I know
that there is a lot of activity in libraries around openness,
transparency, creative commons, and even open source software. I have
organizations like SPARC and PLoS on my list to contact, but haven't
decide if 'Libraries' should be treated as separately from the real of

The gist, is that we are targeting people currently from 10 different
sectors=97some which overlap: software/technology (oss), education,
media/news, government, philanthropy, nonprofit sector, arts,
neighborhoods, workplaces, and society. The goal is to identify about
3 individuals per sector/interest to invite to participate in a
'conversation' a roundtable like event to talk about how 'open' can
and has effected their work arena, what things are being done, maybe
set some annual goals, etc.

In this regard, are the issues facing libraries different enough from
those facing the general realm of education, so that they should be a
separate target, or is inviting one library representative out of 3
seats for education, sufficient?

Any thoughts, ideas?


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