[Web4lib] FW: Drupal for library staff intranet?

Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Tue May 20 15:51:11 EDT 2008

> 3) Are there other software solutions you might suggest?  I know about
> FarCry, an open-source CF-based CMS; has anyone used that?

It has been a number of years since I looked at Cold Fusion but last time I 
looked at CF Zope/Plone seemed to be the closest Open Source solution that 
was similar to Cold Fusion in design.  It might be worth looking at although 
you might probably have to still "retool the existing apps" but it might be 
less retooling with a similar product.  There is an option in Plone to give a 
page a "photo view" 

Plone4Artists product  is very popular especially the P4A calendar.  The 
product P4ArtistsSite auto-configures a P4Artists site by installing and 
configuring all the products. The full package includes P4ArtistsAudio, 
P4ArtistsVideo, P4ArtistsCalendar and ContentLicensing, easycommenting, 
PloneContentRating and ContentTagging so you don't have to download those 
separately.  And there are groups, podcast, and newsletter addon products.
This product could probably handle most intranet content itself.


Links to screencasts at

and plone.tv for audio,video,and screencasts about plone.


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> Subject: Drupal for library staff intranet?
> I'm chairing a library team that's charged with reorganizing content on
> our staff intranet, used by about 40 people.  We're also expected to
> recommend an open-source solution that will allow our intranet to be a
> little more self-servicing.  Specifically, we need to be able to
> collaborate online to produce documentation (suggesting a wiki).  We
> also have a fairly sizable collection of photos from library events and
> conferences that currently sit on a networked drive, and we'd like to be
> able to provide tags and collect them into various sets/albums.
> I see there has been plenty of discussion on this list about Drupal.  I
> know it's based on PHP, and although I have some basic knowledge of PHP,
> I'm really a ColdFusion developer at heart and by experience.  So my
> specific questions:
> 1) Would Drupal be "overkill" for our needs that I've expressed above,
> especially for an intranet used by 40 people?
> 2) Would there be a huge need for me, as the admin, to be up to snuff on
> PHP to even consider deploying Drupal?
> 3) Are there other software solutions you might suggest?  I know about
> FarCry, an open-source CF-based CMS; has anyone used that?
> Thanks!
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