[Web4lib] Social software for collaborative collection development?

Don Hamilton dhamilton at wlu.ca
Mon Mar 31 10:04:13 EDT 2008

You might try www.doodle.ch. It works nicely with a small set of choices. Haven't tried a big set yet... and no links to reviews.. but great for scheduling meetings.

>>> "Cab Vinton" <bibliwho at gmail.com> 31-Mar-2008 9:59 AM >>>

Publibbers struck out on this one ...

Our local cooperative has a collection of DVD's that rotates between the
12-15 member libraries & it's time to purchase some new titles.

A selection committee of three (from different libraries) will make the
initial choices & then share them with the entire group.

Wondering if anyone has used any of the newer online collaboration tools to
facilitate a process like this.

I've thought of using SurveyMonkey or maybe an online spreadsheet, to give
individuals a chance to rate the titles & share their thoughts. It would
also be nice to be able to include links to online reviews on Amazon or
wherever so folks could learn a bit more about the titles.

Grateful for any suggestions.


Cab Vinton
Sanbornton Public Library
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