[Web4lib] Patron Authentication

Anthony Fitzwater AFitzwater at AJCity.Net
Tue Mar 11 19:59:11 EDT 2008



I am new here and am hoping this is the correct list for this question.


I am creating some custom applications for our website.  One thing I
would like to do is tie into our ILS so patrons can use their library
card number and PIN number to login and use the web apps (sort of like
using the catalog).


I would like to avoid tying into our ILS directly for security sake and
was wondering if there is any third party software that would allow me
to interface with it.  We are currently using Dynix/Horizon.


I always have the option of the patron creating a new login/password for
these applications but that's just another thing they would have to
remember.  It would also make them more motivated to use the
applications if it was already established for them.


Thanks for your time,


Anthony Fitzwater

Apache Junction Public Library

1177 N. Idaho Rd.

Apache Junction, AZ 85219

(480) 474-8577


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