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At University of Maryland, we are doing this with Shibboleth.  With 
Shibboleth, we are able to provide a single sign on between the following 
library services: aleph, metalib, illiad and ezproxy.

Furthermore, our campus' shibboleth identity provider is fronted with CAS. 
(CAS was in place on our campus already.)  This gives us a single sign on 
with non-shibboleth-enabled library services, including a dspace repository 
and course reserves software, which are CAS-enabled (as well as some smaller 
web applications).

Our campus' portal and blackboard instance are both in the process of 
becoming CAS-enabled, scheduled for the end of the fall semester.  So, by 
the end of the fall semester, our campus single sign on will allow the 
integration between portal/blackboard and library resources that you refer 
to in your email.

With regards to different patron groups, we make authorization decisions at 
the application level.  For instance, we can configure ezproxy to authorize 
access to certain online resources based on user attributes delivered via 
shibboleth.  Similarly, metalib and illiad make user authorization decisions 
based on shib-provided user attributes.

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I have a authentication puzzle for all of you -

How does your campus  - Library in particular - provide different kinds of 
access to online resources depending  upon different patron classification 
types?  The major groups that I am referring to are students/faculty, 
alumni, and the public. I am in particular interested in "one-click" log-in 
for our students. (This may be a technical term, please consider it in its 
broadest, non-technical sense.) However, I will even take "two-click" for 
campus users if its free!  If you currently do it or it can be cheaply done 
with a new configuration, script, or software features, I would love to hear 

We link to our databases currently through our campus-wide portal.  Folk 
have to login to the portal.  However, currently, people must login a second 
time to EZ Proxy, as once a student has been given access to databases, we 
are told that once they become alumni it is impossible to take away the 
database access while leaving them their same account/user name. (if you 
have a Sungard Luminus Portal and know differently, please tell us!)

Compounding this is that our on campus students also have to log in to the 
campus network before they get to the Portal.  That's three logins!

Our University has/will have a variety of different tools for accessing 
various online resources.  We have an Ex Libris (formerly Endeavor) Voyager 
catalog/ILS, a Sungard Luminus campus-wide portal, and are implementing the 
Enterprise edition of Blackboard.  We also utilize Serials Solutions A-Z 
list for electronic journal access, and have purchased the Serials Solutions 
MARC records for accessing said journals through the catalog. We have the 
campus wide network, and utilize EZ Proxy for authentication.

How can we most efficiently (and cost effectively) provide and restrict 
access to different patron groups? I would prefer to do it without 
additional software, but am also interested in hearing about any other 
solutions you may be aware of (Shibboleth, perhaps, and others?)

I have cross-posted to web4lib and libref- I, apologize for any 

Thanks for your suggestions and input!


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