[Web4lib] Mac OS 10.5 and technical issues

Mark Gooch mgooch at wooster.edu
Fri Aug 8 17:04:13 EDT 2008

We have a couple of technical issues with some new iMacs we just 
installed running OS 10.5 and I was wondering if anyone else has seen 
these and possibly found solutions.

The first problem has to do with the iMac displaying when connected to a 
digital projector.  We are using an iMac as an instructor station and 
the display is inconsistent.  The projector we are using is rather old 
but when our IT folks tested the iMac with a brand new projector it had 
the same issues.  They have tried an older Mac laptop running OS 10.5 
and had no issues.  They have concluded it is an issue with the chipset 
or video card.  Does this sound possible? have others had this issue?

Our other issue has to do with using the Guest account feature of OS 
10.5 to lock down the computer.  We have had issues with EBSCO databases 
not working properly on Firefox.  The IT folks have concluded that 
Firefox is trying to access files for which it doesn't have permission 
under the guest account.  Additionally, if a program (such as virus 
protection or Office) is updated, the Guest account will no longer allow 
the program to run as it sees it as a new program.  Has anyone found 
workarounds to this issue?


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