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Hi everyone,

Just to make this a bit more confusing, I'm Sarah Washburn (another
Sarah!), who co-directs the project with David Silver. Thanks Sarah H-J
for posting!

To make it a bit MORE confusing, you may have seen my name before on
this list. I work on TechSoup's MaintainIT Project, too. The September
Project is a volunteer gig of ours, started 5 years ago, and run
completely on grassroots engines. Libraries across the globe have
participated, and last year, over 600 libraries in 34 countries
participated with events in public, academic, school, government, and
special libraries. 

So, Sarah H-J's suggestion of people from the web svcs community helping
out with spreading the world is a terrific one. Also, David and I have
limited tech skills, and our modest wordpress-site-that-could is what
our combined skills can muster. Any suggestions and help--whether by
spreading the word or by flexing tech skills--are much appreciated.

And, it should be mentioned that this project is as diverse as the
libraries that participate. All projects are organized by libraries for
their communities. Libraries in Spain and libraries in Iowa have crafted
very different programs, yet all are September Project events. 

Thanks again, Sarah!


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I think there are a lot of good ways to help out - the website itself is
pretty stalwart...a blog with comments, RSS feeds for updates, SP
info, etc.  Perhaps a Facebook group for the SP would help to attract
people?  What do others think?


By posting it here on Web4Lib, I was hoping that many of the web
folks who read the listserv (who also can be the only ones in the
organization who read any listserv, sometimes) would be able to pass on
their libraries' activities to help the project grow.





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This sounds like a great project.  I had never heard of it before.  

Libraries could do so much to promote fearless public debate and
re-invigorate the the political system from a grassroots level.

Good to hear about such things!  I wonder how the web could help in
Perhaps some form of social networking?

Best regards,

David Kane

2008/8/1 Houghton-Jan, Sarah <sarah.houghton-jan at sjlibrary.org
<mailto:sarah.houghton-jan at sjlibrary.org> >

Please excuse any duplication across lists.

Welcome to the 5th annual September Project! The September Project is a
grassroots effort to encourage events about freedom and democracy in all
libraries in all countries during the month of September. September
events are free and organized locally.

In 2004, we began the September Project to break the silence following
September 11, and to invite all people into libraries to consider topics
patriotism, democracy, and citizenship. Initially, events focused on
September 11 and largely took place on September 11. As the project
events spread throughout the month of September and focused on issues of
freedom and democracy.

To date, public, academic, school, and government libraries around the
have organized September Project book displays, community book readings,
children's art projects, film screenings, theatrical performances, civic
deliberations, voter registrations, murals, panel discussions, and so
more. What will this year bring? How can you participate? Organize an
at your library, and tell us about it! We'll post all events on this
site as
they develop around the world.

The September Project: Connecting the world one library at a time
http://www.theseptemberproject.org <http://www.theseptemberproject.org>
<http://www.theseptemberproject.org/> >

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