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Mark Jordan mjordan at sfu.ca
Thu Oct 11 14:45:38 EDT 2007

Hi Crystal (from the Access 2007 conference),

I haven't used it, but there the 'keywords' module for Drupal allows the 
addition of different types of metadata into HTML meta tags. The feature 
request queue for the module indicates that one of the Drupal developers 
is writing a module to support Dublin Core elements. I'll email him to 
get an update and let you know where it's headed.

As for creating good quality resource discovery metadata 
(easiy/cheaply), I don't have any meaningful insights.


Crystal Knapp wrote:
> Earlier this week, I posted a link to a survey the State Library of Oregon is conducting on metadata and taxonomies.  This survey is still up through Monday at http://library.state.or.us/services/surveys/survey.php?sid=170. I can post the results to the list if there is interest.
> I also wanted to pose a few questions to the list.  For those of you who use content management systems and maintain a search feature for your website, do you use metadata in conjunction with your pages?  Does anyone have a success story of having good quality metadata that is created by the web publisher (and not edited by library staff later)?
> I am asking because at the Oregon State Library, we are responsible for the metadata schema (and search feature) used by all Oregon government agencies, aka all Oregon.gov websites.  We currently have over 2,000 web publishers within Interwoven's Teamsite who all create their own metadata as they publish pages, and, as you can probably imagine, the metadata ranges in quality from good to useless.  We're looking for other solutions.  I'm curious to hear about other successful metadata contribution models for content management systems.  It'd also be interesting to hear if you just aren't using metadata at all within your cms.  I'm specifically referring to metadata used to assist with find-ability, not for preservation or document management.
> Thanks in advance,
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