[Web4lib] Generating html-only e-mail for e-newsletter purposes ?

Edward Spodick lbspodic at ust.hk
Thu Jun 28 21:12:00 EDT 2007

At 10:38 AM +1000 6/29/07, Thomas Rutter wrote:
>It wouldn't necessarily be a fault of your email client - some HTML
>emails don't contain the plain text within the email.
>One method of sending an HTML newsletter is just to send it as HTML.
>The user will see it as HTML, regardless of the preference in their
>email client.

That depends on the client.  I use multiple clients depending on which email, location, etc I am using (office versus personal versus coffee shop, etc.  My webmail interface defaults to plain text - and if the only thing there is html it will display it as plain text - with all the html and other coding, with a link to display it as e-mail if I prefer.  Usually I do not prefer and I hit the delete button instead.  I also use a unix mail client for one account - the client if called Pine, and it is a strictly textual client in a terminal window - but it is fast.  No possibility of displaying html there, except as the raw source.


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