[Web4lib] Adding/building permalinks to full-text articles

Jon Ritterbush jritterbush at regent.edu
Tue Jan 2 15:42:59 EST 2007

Happy new year, everyone...  Over the past couple weeks, our library has
been working on a project to help faculty members generate and embed
permanent links, or permalinks, to full-text articles from our subscription
databases.  The problem here and at my previous place of work has been
explaining how to prefix a proxy string to the front of these article-level
URLs (e.g.
Has anyone out there developed a better mousetrap to allow users to generate
these kinds of permalinks WITH a proxy string?
TO ANY DATABASE VENDORS: one idea might be to enable individual libraries to
embed these proxy prefixes to article-level links.  For example, a library
administrator could insert the prefix http://proxy.library.edu... into some
field in a database admin site.  This prefix would then be appended to any
permalinks displayed or accessible from the database result screens.   
I think EBSCO and ProQuest already make a permalink available to users, they
just lack the proxy prefix for off-campus access by authenticated users.
Librarians who administer their Serials Solutions setup will understand what
I'm talking about here, since SerSol already does this...
Thanks for any feedback or other suggestions!

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