[Web4lib] Keyword (tag cloud) view of subject pages

Tracy L. Mehlin tmehlin at u.washington.edu
Fri Aug 10 17:19:27 EDT 2007

I just made one of these one of these browse-able subject keyword 
graphic displays 
<http://depts.washington.edu/hortlib/resources/cloud.php> too and I 
ended up calling it a Tag Cloud, despite the fact that NO ONE around 
here knew what a tag cloud was.  I called it a tag cloud for two 
reasons: 1) it's an  intriguing , evocative phrase that I think some 
people might click just to see what it is; and 2) in the web 2.0 world 
that's what it's called. 

EPL's version is a bit different in that it's not actual "tags" but 
title words, but I think the visual/graphic/cloud element is what makes 
this sort of display stand out, so why not call attention to it. 

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Peter Schoenberg wrote:
> We have put up a "tag cloud" based on words in the titles of all of our Subject Pages on the Edmonton Public Library site. 
> Really not sure what to call the page or what words to use in the link text.    I think tag cloud is hardly a common phrase among our users.
> You can find the Browse Subjects by Title link on the home page or go directly to the page using the following link.
> 	http://www.epl.ca/EPLCloudNine.cfm?all=yes
> Subject pages include booklists, pathfinders for kids, and all the normal subject pages you would expect.
> Any and all comments are appreciated as we determine the fate of the page and how else we might use the technique.   
> Peter
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