[Web4lib] dreamweaver-css-layout

raumin dehghan rdehghan at msn.com
Tue Sep 19 22:09:06 EDT 2006

I am working with dreamweaver 8.0, and I have one css box on my page, below 
my masthead.  When I try to put a second css box on the page, I have to make 
the positioning fixed, so it will appear directly next to the first box.

However, when the position is fixed for that css box, it completely distorts 
my dreamweaver workspace - it superimposes itself over my masthead and my 
other box.

Is there anyway that I can keep that box fixed, or able to be seen as it 
should in browsers and at the same time look the same way in Dreamweaver?

Raumin Dehghan

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