[Web4lib] anti-spam email adress

Jonathan Bloy JBloy at edgewood.edu
Wed Sep 13 16:24:22 EDT 2006

Pierre Nault wrote:
>So is there a way to put an email adress on a web site without being
spam ?

I imaging the email harvesting programs spammers use are probably
getting smarter.  It used to be if you encrypt your email with HTML
entities, you'd be safe.  I don't think that helps any longer.  I
wouldn't be surprised if there are harvesting programs out there now
that can understand javascript and get around javascript encryption

On our current library site, I've used email forms (where the email
address is hard coded in the script that processes the form).  But when
you use that strategy people who want to use their own email program to
contact you are out of luck.

The person who recommended getting a good spam filter probably had the
best suggestion.  I have a personal email address that is not posted
anywhere, and I only use it to keep in touch with my friends and family.
That address used to be spam free, but all of a sudden I started to get
a lot of junk mail.  I'm guessing one of my friends downloaded some kind
of worm that harvested my email from their address book.

Jonathan Bloy
Web Services Librarian
Edgewood College
Madison, Wisconsin

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