[Web4lib] Add to Google button - Update for Canada

Peter Schoenberg PSchoenberg at EPL.CA
Sun Sep 3 17:53:17 EDT 2006

A follow-up to my posting yesterday.

I have changed the link that the Add to Google button is pointing to and
this has allowed the Add to Google button to add our Search the Edmonton
Public Library Catalogue Gadget to google.ca  instead of google.com.

This eliminates the problem of customers being redirected from
google.com (which included the gadget) to google.ca which did not.
This auto-redirect is a "feature" for Canadians.

Here is the link I am now using 

Here is the link that Google auto-generates from their Gadget page.

	There is no "fusion.google.ca" so changing that link did not
		Turns out the page it goes to can be changed from a .com
to a .ca

Here is the info from the Google site on adding a feed or a gadget.
	(this page is a .ca but the code it generated is .com)

Will see how this works out.     

I do love the idea of our Search the Catalogue link appearing right
below the Google Search box.     

Next to consider, how to get our Triple Search box on the page (it hits
our site, our catalogue and a dozen full text Ebsco database).   

Would love to hear about any gotchas or OMGs that you anticipate.

Peter Schoenberg                  (780) 496 1855 
Manager - Information Services - Edmonton Public Library 

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