[Web4lib] Re: iPod Libraries; Was: Bitten by the Portable Apps bug!

David J. Fiander dfiander at uwo.ca
Tue May 9 16:21:39 EDT 2006

The interesting thing about this discussion is that it doesn't have to 
be theoretical, even though that's the way that everybody's framing it.

For example:

Eric Hellman wrote:

> My iPod library (not including the music and pictures already there!):
> 1. a decent encyclopedia (Wikipedia probably will have this market to 
> itself for reasons you have expressed)

Nothing yet for this one, really... but specialized tools might render a 
general encyclopedia unnecessary

> 2. a great atlas (Google Earth?)
> 3. all the world's Zagat guides and travel guides

I don't know how useful a "great atlas" would be on a 2x3" screen, but I 
have the CIA world fact book, including maps and simple political maps 
on my Palm right now: 

> 4. dictionary and thesaurus

How about the Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus: 

> 5. some generic medical references

There are a lot of medical reference available for handheld devices, and 
the Dr are all taking them up.  The last time I went to the doctor, for 
an ear infection, he pulled out his smart phone to look up something in 
the CPS.

> 6. USGS topo maps

Again, sounds like a good idea, but how useful would they be given the 

> 7. a netflix-like set of the top 10 novels on my list
> 8. english-5language dictionary
> 9. the unicode standard
> and of course the Gideons will have placed a bible there, if they've not 
> done so already.

I also have:

- the USDA nutritional information database: 

- Leonard Maltin's movie and video guide http://www.landware.com

- Via Rail Canada's train schedules (currently out of date, since 
they're in the process of revising this medium)

And you can certainly get the Bible and a "real" Zagat's guide for 

> All that said, I wouldn't carry a device just for these things- as the 
> ebook reader industry learned before it disappeared.

Absolutely.  I carry my palm because it's my organizer, but having the 
World Fact Book and the Movie guide in my pocket is actually more useful 
than you might think.

- David

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