[Web4lib] Allowing portable Firefox (was Disable USB drives...)

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Mon May 1 17:06:46 EDT 2006

Glenn, would this solution allow me access to my extensions? I've got several
(Performancing for Firefox being a particular example) that I want to use
with my Portable Firefox.

Michael Sauers
Internet Trainer, BCR

Glenn Peterson" <glenn at engagedpatrons.org wrote:
Our workstation group developed
a method for allowing patrons to use
> portable Firefox without putting workstations
or our network at risk. Rob
> McDowell explains:
> "In an effort to
secure the HCL network and infrastructure, the IT
> department developed
an application filter for use on Public workstations.
> The filter restricts
applications from being run from the A: (floppy), D:
> (public) and removable
drives.  There are other files that are restricted as
> well: batch (.bat)
files, VBScript (.vbs) files, and others.  If a
> restricted application
tries to launch, a message box appears stating it is
> not allowed.
> We configured the filter to allow Portable Firefox to run from a removable

> drive.  However, it actually runs Firefox on the workstation (more secure)

> but uses the patron's bookmarks."
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