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Dan Field dof at llgc.org.uk
Fri Mar 31 03:57:19 EST 2006

On 31 Mar 2006, at 07:20, jennifer.kirton at dpi.nsw.gov.au wrote:

> I would appreciate any suggestions  - based on your own experiences  
> -  for
> a web-based aggregator

Bloglines is probably the most popular web agregator. http:// 

> and for a desktop (Windows) aggregator  (I.T. says
> they wont allow me to download any, but I am working on them!).

I'm a Mac user so I sue NetNewsWire, however this looks like it's  
worth a look. http://www.sharpreader.net

> I would also appreciate links to any online reviews etc  
> particularly on
> their use in libraries .  I have found that there is so much  
> information
> out there it is confusing.

Using RSS within a Library environment could be a little odd as it is  
primarily a personalised subscription service. I'm not sure how you  
would manage this aspect of things. Certainly most of the software  
I've come across is aimed at single users, rather than multiple  
users. Bloglines would remove this issue though.


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