[Web4lib] Summary : Free Trials Evaluation Form

Matucheski, Michele L. mmatuche at affinityhealth.org
Fri Jun 23 16:30:44 EDT 2006

Hi All--
I received several responses to my original request to share samples of
evaluation forms for free trials of electronic resources.  Thank you to all
who responded!

Some of them were very specific to the particular resource(s) being trialed

*  How well does  Database A's content meet the research needs of your
discipline?[Comments box]
*  Have you used Database B for your research or teaching in the past?
*  How would you rank  Database A's content in comparison to Database B?
Not as good / the same / better
*  How would you rate the search interface of Database A?
Easy / Average / Somewhat Complex / Difficult
*How would you rate the search interface of Database B?
Easy / Average / Somewhat Complex / Difficult
* Which of these two products better meets your research needs?
Database A / Database B / Don't Know
* Comments on the overall quality and usefulness of Database A?

Some were very simple and direct :
Select one : 
___Yes, I think Database C will be a valuable resource that I will use on a
regular basis.   We should purchase an annual subscription.
__ No, we should NOT purchase an annual subscription to Database C.
Comments :

Some were nice and generic :
Product Name : 
Scorer Name :
Status : Faculty / Student / Resident / Other
School :
To which school(s) would this product be useful ?
	School of Medicine / Public Health / Nursing / etc. / All the above
Give the product a grade based on the following :
* User Friendly Interface 		A B C D F	Comments:
* Scope of Content		A B C D F	Comments:
* Quality of Content		A B C D F	Comments:
* Usefulness			A B C D F	Comments:
* Overall Quality			A B C D F	Comments:

Today's Date :
Database Name :
Software (Ease of use for customers; Logical? Clear?)[Space for comments]
Screens (Clean or cluttered, confusing or logical?)
HELP instructions (Clear? Easy or difficult for customers to find answers?)
Were your search results satisfactory? If not, why?
Unique features or options you like the best?
Recommend for Purchase?  Yes   / No
Other comments :

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