[Web4lib] Re: Webmail and the ocean of spam

Stacy Pober stacy.pober at manhattan.edu
Fri Feb 17 00:02:21 EST 2006

> Otherwise Thunderbird ought to be okay.  And as someone has already
> written, IMAP is the way to go (i.e. POP no more!)  I've got Thunderbird
> on three different computers at three different locations and they all
> plug into the same set of emails in the same state (i.e. read, not-read,
> trash, etc.)

I just downloaded Thunderbird 1.5.  Installed it.  Nothing happened.

I did this a few times before googling the problem - it's a known
issue, but not apparently one they deem worthy to inform users of
on the download page.  Despite being an upgrade of existing software,
you have to uninstall the old version and do a clean install or it
will appear to install correctly, then do squat.

It's fixed, but geez, this is the kind of crap I expect when I use
a Microsoft product...

I do use Firefox as my default browser, but there are upgrade issues
with Mozilla products.  Some of them are minor, but still annoying.
For example, I've seen the shortcut keystrokes change between minor
update versions. This is quite annoying, particularly for someone who
prefers the keyboard to the mouse.

And puzzling indeed is the new turned-on-by-default Tbird spellchecker.
I first tried composing this message in Thunderbird.  It does a MS Word-like
spellcheck as you type, and is underlined in red the following words
as possible errors: Thunderbird, Firefox, and Mozilla.  <sigh>

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