[Web4lib] adobe acrobat and kiosk terminals

Robert Sullivan robert.g.sullivan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 13:38:35 EST 2006

> Has anyone seen this before? How do you deal with the adobe Internet
> search feature on kiosk terminals? Is there a reliable alternative to
> acrobat, that lacks these bells and whistles, that would be more
> appropriate for a kiosk terminal?

Set the DWORD value bHidden in these Registry keys to 1 to hide this:



I never played much with the Adobe features before 7.0, but there are
a number of useful settings I have discovered both through reverse
engineering the changes and also research at:


which is quite handy for people who are trying to configure software.

Bob Sullivan
Schenectady Digital History Archive
Schenectady County (NY) Public Library

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