[Web4lib] placement of metadata

Diane I. Hillmann dih1 at cornell.edu
Wed Feb 8 16:44:36 EST 2006


How you do it depends entirely on what you're describing with your 
metadata.  If you consider each page a separate resource, put the 
metadata on each one.  If your resource consists of multiple pages, 
you probably only need the metadata on the first one.  It's that 
simple, but you're right--not anywhere on the DCMI webpages.

Diane I. Hillmann
Editor, "Using Dublin Core"

>Hi folks,
>I'm doing a (long overdue) rebuild of our library site (look ma, no
>tables!) and am updating the DC metadata... and wondering ..
>Am I right in thinking that I heard/read somewhere that DC metadata
>should only go on the index page and not on subsequent pages? It does
>seem like overkill to bulk up the <head> of each page with all that
>I've spent ages on the dublin core website and can't find anything
>related to this.
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