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Sarah -

I don't have any advice to offer you on the creation of your database, I'm 
afraid.  What I do have is a plea to you to PLEASE, when individual items 
or collections are available, submit them to MERLOT 
(http://www.merlot.org).  One of the big things we're hoping to get moving 
in this next year or so is a library science/information literacy 
editorial board, and we can't get that moving without quality content.

If you have any questions about the MERLOT project (Multimedia Educational 
Resource for Learning and Online Teaching), you can either ask me or hit 
their website (http://www.merlot.org).

OSU is currently changing the campus IT structure and my e-mail will 
continue to be extremely unreliable for the foreseeable future.  If you 
have sent a message which I did not respond to, please try to resend it.
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Sarah Graham <sgraham at usyd.edu.au>
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I am part of a group at my library that is looking at developing a 
database, or library, of learning objects.

Essentially we want to create a searchable repository for 
educational/instructional materials created by librarians. In part this 
repository would enable sharing of information and reduce the amount of 
duplicated effort in the library. Learning objects might include handouts, 

session plans, tutorials, web pages, etc.

I was wondering whether anyone else on this list has been involved in the 
development or production of such a resource and would you be prepared to 
share some information?

Specifically, I be interested your comments on the following:

* What technologies/software did you use?
* Did you hire an instructional designer? If so, were they a librarian?
* What standards did you use for describing objects (e.g. did you use a 
particular metadata standard?)
* Is the library/database accessible by students/the public, or is a 
resource restricted to staff/librarians?

Any other comments or information would be valuable.


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